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It doesn’t come as a big surprise But what we do not know, we fear Ignorance breeds intolerance We don’t have a clue so we manage to not see clear Let’s all go against the odds I know anyone can sing this song Strange to me how people will just turn away most of the time Safely hidden in their homes they’re watching the news with a silent refusal to unify It’s not that hard to make your point All the good things slowly have gone bad Can’t we all sing? Anyone can sing this song Cause it’s not so hard And there’s always someone there to make it happen
Long Day 02:31
I’m the one with the one-tracked mind and life is a steamroll So I judge this dumb world from behind my screen Where I randomly rage against it piously Cause I most certainly know where you have been It’s gonna be a long, long day But I’ll blame it on society Everyone is wrong, everyone but me Long, long day Can you tell me where they have gone, all familiar faces? And I’m sure they put that queue there just for me I never do complain I just sit back and proclaim I’m the one who knows it all and keeps it sane So I swear at the sun and the rain And there is nothing ever going my way But I will take revenge on everything I see I will make you pay An everlasting judgement day I’m a god in virtual reality
I can sit right here and not care at all I think that I’m entitled to a day of really doing nothing Just a day to stall Funny how that feels inside Cause I worked real hard, yes, even teachers do That’s in between vacations when we are just like you Doing what we do to make a living, too Occupation simplified And the hours are slowly passing by Sitting down and randomly Doing anything I want to and when night falls I look back on a day well spent I try to do my share of what has to be done But every now and then I put the brakes on And then it all slows down to a soothing pace My inner peace that I embrace I should be doing all at once, I know But it comes and goes, I don’t run this show I merely try to keep up with a bit of restraint In a slower lane There are messages awaiting my replies Your patience needs some exercise I can understand their need not to slow down I don’t think they’ll still be in town When I have finally come round Still sitting down
Now and then he spends time in his own special world Floating alone He’ll break strings faster than anyone you and I know but hey, shows must go on And he says he’s a bit weird I hope he’ll remain just the way he is today Pardon his French, he’ll try learning in vain Behold! Bjorn is a beast in every good way What he’s doing, sometimes we don’t know Nor does he, but all will be fine When he strays away not to be found for a while Somewhere off line But he never forgets those who matter to him The best friend you’ll have any day Handing out flowers before going on one knee Behold! Bjorn is a beast in every good way There are whispers of unsober tales He will pick up your records when all else fails For his wife deserves statues of silver and gold May he never grow old Building a dream where fine music is made Behold! Bjorn is a beast in every good way
Harvest 02:43
It’s never a promise, not naturally strong It happens without guarantee Without care or attention it might end up wrong And not what you thought it would be And I know that I sat on that fence too long As I watched the world slowly drift by And I will only speak for myself, alone This harvest has shown me the long road that could lead me home Winds came from nowhere, wherever they blew The seeds that I threw were half dead I waited and watched but of course nothing grew Well, not enough to keep us all fed And I know my intensions were good But the soil always seemed a bit dry I can only speak for myself, alone This harvest has shown me the long road that could lead me home Come what may I’ll accept or at least I do promise I’ll try I know now that I am not lost, I’m still on my way New dawn breaking Done with the pages I’ve turned Faithfully planting, to carefully reap Lessons that I’ve humbly learned Now I look back on all that has been Not without a glimpse of regret There’s more to look forward to as I’m not alone That harvest has shown me that nothing comes easy But most of all I found a way that could lead me home
Evermore 03:26
We can soar away on waves of evermore We can go along and watch the ships set sail Oh, how far can you walk along the waterfront When there’s little left to find in the place you’ve been before I have travelled many roads and many more I will Might have lost a soul or two and nothing matters Still, I know that I’ve been wasting everything I had And it’s a long, long way back home Maybe someday I will stay a while and call it home Share a bit of company with someone still alone But until that day comes I’ll refuse to laugh Let it all turn into stone
Babylon 03:02
Everything I say will be held against me In other forms or ways Different from what I meant All is lead astray No matter what I try It’s never ending blaming for whatever’s wrong today One place I can’t stay I’m leaving just to keep me sane I’ve been on another journey back from Babylon With its gardens blinding all along the way Where the fickle master of the ravens is holding court Where I’d rather walk away Apparently it’s just a matter of experience Of immunity Is there a way to settle all the dust? Where’s your winning team? Forever bursting at the seams I’ve built a mountain with the mud you threw at me Up there I’m higher than the clouds that used to rain down on me You gave a lot
Morning Dew 04:34
See the morning dew Water colors, rain falls Prism sun breaks through Looking all brand new Flower faces meeting in the land of possibilities come true Feel the summer breeze Heads are overflowing, give ‘m shelter please Climbing down with ease Painting how she thinks the world is In her innocence she paints her dreams Two are made as one Drifting over hilltops, heading for the sun Rainy clouds are gone Toons are sleeping Animals are smiling at the house that’s not quite ready for the flight No one seems afraid of incredible heights No one ever dies Snow is falling on the ground that’s somewhere over hills not far behind Paintings of a world not far beyond This imagination makes the stars What’s inside their minds to make this art? Are they being smart? Carpets on the wall Did you think it’s hard? Well, it’s not that hard at all Forever leaves will fall What you see is what you get from trying not to educate at all
Misses Moody 02:54
Misses Moody’s looking out her window And no one’s ever seen her with a smile She stares at every passenger as if he could die Well, who knows what will happen in a while The neighbors all walk faster when she’s outside They know it’s just a waste of time to greet For not a friendly word will be returned and that is why Misses Moody’s solitary indeed She is a little bit scary, a sad, sad human being But she has never wanted anything like this Her parents never cared She had to make it on her own And chances are she’ll die alone some day Misses Moody’s always having headaches Or so she claims when anyone’s in sight She’s scared to go to sleep because her heart might stop, oh my And that’s why she just wanders through the night Mister Moody never came to save her And how she’s always hungered for some warmth That other people seem to have She hides her love away It’s just a way to keep her safe from harm And sometimes it’s so hard to keep holding on She knows she tried but this world has gone wrong
Rather Be 01:55
Traveling light Everything that proved to slow me down has been thrown off on my way No more nights wondering whether all would just turn sour It seems long ago today It’s either choice or appetite I am used to go wherever I feel like Got the best of friends Allowed to always be me Still there’s one place in this world I’d rather be Tonight Somewhere I can finally be safe for a while You’ll never know until you’ve tried Now I’m used to go wherever I feel like Got bad weather friends and they mean the world to me Still there’s one place in this world I’d rather be So tonight Somewhere I can finally be safe For as long as we both feel the same way
Apprentice 01:55
Could I walk this mile with you? I will try not to get in your way Listen to what you say And recall some of the things you do May I carefully observe I’ll make sure I won’t bother at all Just a fly on your wall Maybe more than what I deserve Cause I really don’t stand out I just string together notes that I feel good about I never find my way in any striking conversation But I do find consolation in writing it all down There’s so much to learn from you I was asleep for so long Now I’d like for you to be my guide Could I walk this mile with you?
I’m not one to use a tightrope I like standing firmly on the ground I would rather observe than jump into the unknown At my best when I’m safe and sound Good things come to the patient And I’ve been waiting for most of my life So I carefully get on my feet to join in Hope that shadows won’t kill my light Opened my eyes I’ve made it to the unknown, now I’m learning to see I turn from old ends Enough time I spent away from what could have been I may not rely on a stranger I may never try flying without wings But I do willfully dream the dream of prudence and passion So this may amount to something
It’s been waiting to be happening but there it is To be taken by the people pure of heart As we walk into the garden hoping nothing’s going to tear it all apart It’s a light that moves the darkness to a distant field It has shown a very welcome from the start As we open up the bag of tunes, be ready to rejoice in everyone There’s nothing like the sun Can we hold on to each ray and thus look forward to Being amazed to overcome the daily grind For we will stand tall, we simply must Here to witness life for everyone There’s nothing like the sun
New York 02:31
“I wrote a short fantasy story, something with aliens invading New York. My dad took the idea and wrote a song about it. I’m sure he’ll give me credit for it.” Please sit down for a while Do you remember this town when it lived Now it’s blown sky high All died There will be no happy ending, a new king applies And I’m proud More than he will ever know A wonderful starchild aglow And he’s writing his story down So much he understands Pages of words rolling out of his hand There’s nothing you haven’t heard All very worthwhile A fantasy tale of New York There’s a sound, very strange He has to run for his life He barely survives And now Somehow He tries to tell everyone but of course not a soul can believe The common folk, as usual, naive It’s nothing one man could achieve They don’t know what it’s all about Now there’s only one more day to go Before it all blows away Every fountain will spray blood As a writer he knows Filling the pages with more Putting a smile to my face as he goes
I. Masquerade Must have been some kind of masquerade The socializing, random heart strings played Disappearing in the hour of need Driving up and down a one way street You parasite I’m not going there again Some paths that I have crossed Quickly overgrown with tangled weeds Yes I have lost a few but nothing’s here to stay II. Offering Slowly waste away Reveries at the back door Finish smoking Walking back inside Continue life Wondering what I’m doing it for Dragging on but tomorrow should be bright “How long can you dream?” Well, I’ve been doing this for years “They’re all recurring themes.” In my head sincere To walk away from what I didn’t need at all Now, an offering It took some time to realize that being free This new reality’s at the end of everything Strangers once again Should’ve been like this all along Then again, I never would have been where I am now Finally where I belong Rebuilt life as I always hoped it to be “You simply had to try” Do what I never did before “Without lifeline” Make amends and more I’ve never been here at all Unremarkably small The weight of the world on me It’s either move on or stay Where there’s nothing to gain Be who I want to be “For what it’s worth: it’s not too late To walk and change your fate You have watched from the sideline much too long” Not gonna answer for I’m learning more and more I’m right where I should be and growing At the end of all Offering the end of everything III. Closure (instrumental)


Available on Gatefold Vinyl and CD

Bearded Punk Records (
Morning Wood Records (
Inconsapevole Records (


released March 1, 2019

Recorded, produced and mixed by Tim van Doorn at Big Dog Recordings, Schelle (BE)
Drums recorded at Single Coil Music Tonstudio, Regensburg (DE)
Piano and flute recorded at Studio Brugsko, Enschede (NL)
Mastered by Bram Dewachter at Big Dog Recordings
All music and words written by Hans Roofthooft
‘New York’ is based on a short story by Wout Roofthooft
Front cover by Wout Roofthooft
Layout album and song titles by Lente Roofthooft
Pictures by Stijn Janssens @ Stijntjepics
Layout and design by Eric Cocquart


all rights reserved



Hans Roofthooft Ranst, Belgium

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